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Enjoy our presidential treatment!

car wash special package - lincoln
car wash special package - JEFFERSON
car wash special package - WASHINGTON


If you want monumental savings, we invite you to join our Park Pass Monthly Unlimited Wash Club. By joining you can enjoy all the benefits of your favorite presidential wash special (Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln), up to once a day, all month long! 

Lincoln park pass car wash package
An Honestly Great Deal

The Lincoln Park Pass is perfect for the value minded customer that wants a great wash on a regular basis. Includes our Freedom Foam™, Wheel Scrubber and standard Sealer Wax. Just wash, rinse and repeat this great wash anytime you want, up to once a day, everyday, all month long.

jefferson park pass car wash package
More Shine in the Same Time

Declare your independence from dirt and grime with the Jefferson Park Pass. Upgrades include our Tire Shine service, and two extra levels of waxing and sealing… the Carnauba Wax Seal and the Guardian Gold Total Body Protection sealant service. You’ll love Thomas, that’s a promise!

washington park pass car wash package
The Complete Presidential Treatment!

If you are looking for the best-in-class car wash, then by George you found it! The Washington package includes everything you need to have your car looking like the presidential limo! Upgrades include our special Buff ‘n Shine and our proprietary 4-step Presidential Seal™.

Extra special car wash deals for our extra special customers

Like saving on the Presidents? Sign up for deals, discounts, and dollar off coupons for your next car wash. Keep posted on new car wash locations as we expand to serve you more. What’s our secret? It’s our service! Get the protection your car deserves, all while saving a mint.

Enjoy your stay!

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